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Friday May 18, 2007

Press Release

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The Vibary Network Rejoins the Buffalo Grove Chamber of Commerce

Buffalo Grove, IL -- Viba Fima, inc., The Local Company™, announces that it has relaunched the Vibary Network services for the Buffalo Grove (IL) community. One of its first actions is to rejoin the Buffalo Grove chamber of commerce.

The Vibary Network is a local search and listings web portal, serving local communities throughout the metropolitan Chicagoland area, starting with the Buffalo Grove suburb. The main Chicagoland Vibary Network site ( links to individual Vibary sites, each serving a specific community.

Local consumers in Buffalo Grove come to the Vibary of Buffalo Grove ( to search for everything local, such as:

Yellow Pages, coupons, savings, promotions, calendar events, local job posts, classified ads, local web sites, and more.

The local search contents come from:

  1. Automatic indexing of local web sites by the Vibary search engine
  2. Unique listings provided by local merchants and service providers

For the latter, the Vibary Network provides a secure site for local businesses to create and maintain the listings by themselves. This site is called the Chicagoland Vibary Network for Business, or the Vibase site for short. Its web address is

The Vibase site offers permanently FREE listings for local businesses:

  • Up to 5 full-featured online yellow pages (one for each business category)
  • All public events, from seminars to sales events
  • Savings for senior citizens, kids, disabled persons, military personnel and birthdays
  • Classified ads for giveaways, either as a promotion or for disposal
  • Job posts for volunteers and unpaid interns
Other listings have a nominal listing fee.

The Internet dot-com bubble burst had greatly impacted Viba Fima and its Vibary Network service. The company used that time since to rebuild with a new business plan, new personnel, and fresh funding. The relaunched Vibary services are now supported by ads from national and Internet advertisers, and can be offered for FREE or at a very low cost to local businesses.

"By rejoining the Buffalo Grove chamber of commerce," said Tim Nguyen (Ph.D.), the manager of the Chicagoland Vibary Network, "we want to get closer to the local business community, and to fit our Vibary services with their reaching of local consumers on the Internet." Dr. Nguyen also noted that as more and more consumers are going online to search for local information, local businesses should take advantage of the Vibary services to be where consumers are, at no or low cost.

For more information on the Vibary Network, visit the Chicagoland Vibary Network (, and the Vibary Network for Business (the Vibase site at

About Viba Fima, inc:
The Vibary Network is a service of Viba Fima, inc., The Local Company™ ( The company was established in 1997 as a consulting firm. Over the years, the company has reduced its consulting work to concentrate in developing and marketing the Vibary Network.

Contact information are available on all the company's web sites.

Viba Fima, Vibary, Vibase are registered trademarks of Viba Fima, inc.

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