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[12/5/13] Student Part-Time / $9/hour, working mostly remotely. You will be helping our staff based on our needs and your capabilities. The starting requirement is the ability to do data entry and web search with efficiency and accuracy. If you prove dependable, you will get other assignments. If you know graphics or web design, you can later get assignments with our Studio team. If you like coding, you may later get to help our Development team. If you like writing, you may later help with our social network activities. Many assignments will be done via the web cloud, allowing you to work remotely at your convenience. Some assignments may require you to come to our office in Buffalo Grove near Didier Farms. We can accommodate a few students Monday and Wednesday, from 5AM to 7AM in the morning, and from 4PM to 7PM in the afternoon. Apply with resume.


The Chicagoland Vibary Network for Business pre-opens
The Chicagoland Vibary Network (for consumers) pre-opens

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